Proof That Staging Matters!

Staging matters! Sometimes I will see a new listing that has SO MUCH potential, but isn't properly staged (or photographed). It makes my heart sink because I KNOW that money is being left on table for my sellers, and for me, that just won't do. (and for you Mr. & Mrs. Seller, it shouldn't do for you either!)

We prepped the heck out of this home , cleaned and shined it, and staged it to perfection along had professional photos and video . It shined online, we got multiple offers the first weekend- it was acutally the first weekend the COVID pandemic broke out and the world was in chaos- eek!! and sold at full asking price

So hey- pro photos are important but it starts with the staging. Its included in my fee, along with professional cleaning. These things matter to buyers and it sells homes faster and at top dollar.

Take a look at the before and after shots! My sellers almost didn’t want to leave!







This was favorite part of the transformation!

It helps to have an amazing team- so big props to Up Country Property Services for the 5 star cleaning and Heart & Mind Creative for the photos, staging and videos!

If you are seller ready to rock that sale, give me a ring. No pressure, we can see if you and I will work well together and if I can be the best choice for you. At the very least, we can catch up on life and have a good convo. :)


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